ENERGOHOUSE, Where we all thinking different.

EPBD 2020

ENERGOHOUSE, Where we all thinking different.

Of the company FIBARO
Let everything work for you.

Creative, simple and highly efficient systems.



Geothermal energy, Solar panels and collectors. The wind turbines.

ENERGOHOUSE, projects of the professionals. Autonomous, inteligent houses with renewable energy.

Smart Home

The smart home can control a remote lighting, heating and cooling system, shading equipment, doors, windows and irrigation. At the same time, "guardhouse" and is capable of hosting different technologies so that their operations are efficient.

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Modern Houses

Houses in 2020 standards. Houses, which produce more energy than they consume. New generation homes, saving energy, the environment, however, provides a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

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Renewable Energy

To denominate Renewable Energy the energy that obtains sources of virtually inexhaustible natural, and to mar by the immense quantity of energy that they contain. Among the renewable energies are wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, solar, wave energy, biomass and biofuels.

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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy that is obtained through the use of natural heat from the interior of the earth that is transmitted through the bodies of hot rock or reservoirs by conduction and convection.

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MODERN HOUSES 2020 Application of intelligent systems. Renewable energy that produce more energy than they consume, standard houses 2020.

Completely Intelligent

Simplicity, style, fun, safety and reliability characterize FIBARO, GOOGLE Assistent or Amazon ALEXA,. Assignable superior performance and unique design. Control the lights, blinds and conditions of the temperature monitor and the consumption in the house, automate, reduce costs. All reports in one place. Nothing to go back to work, smart functions plug in immediately and alone.

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What we Offer Independently, self-regulating multi-rate biological purification systems for organic produce their own energy.

Smart Home

It increases the comfort of the occupants, frees them from many activities "guardhouse" and for the control of the house and remotely. The operation of the house becomes more efficient, cheaper, healthier and safer.

Water Purification

It is suitable for the pre-private, sewage treatment plants before discharge from a hobby sewer family of seven or before the second stage of wastewater treatment.

Solar Systems

The generation of energy (photo-thermal or photovoltaic) solar irradiation is very respectful of the environmentally friendly and affordable source of energy that is renewable and whose use is very friendly to the environment.

Geothermal Energy

The thermal energy of the Earth is collected in the country, which is constantly complemented by sunlight and heat by natural convection. This energy can be used independently of the weather and the season. At a depth of 10m constant temperature prevalent between 8 ° - 12 ° C.

Bio Ponds and Pools

A common feature bio pools and swimming ponds and the water filtration process, which do not use any chemical. The water in them throughout the year without using chemicals, does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

Wind Turbines

It represents an inexhaustible source of energy. A wind turbine is an electrical generator that converts wind energy into electricity. Mast supplementation, control and regulation of wind power unit or voltage inverter produced.

Construction Speed

We can build the house on the market in only 1 month.

Healthy Housing

Through the use of technology and biological materials to achieve the healthiest possible life.

Fire Resistance

Properly designed and implemented structures maintain static resistance in a fire better than steel or concrete.

Long Life

30 year warranty on the support structure of the house.

Quality Guarantee

We build exclusively from certified organic materials from carefully selected suppliers.

Dry Construction

Thanks to the dry process, it is possible to carry out most of the work, even in winter.

Low Ecological Footprint

The proof is in the negative balance of CO2 in a building life cycle.

Excellent Insulation Properties

Activated by the construction of external walls, which reaches the thermal resistance R = 5.0-10.0 m2.K / W.

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Imagine a house that is controlled by any part of the world. Supervised systems and appliances, future home that works for you. The use of renewable energy sources. Solar systems, wind turbines, natural water purification.